Wausau, WI - We kick off the 2013 installment of Driver Spotlight by checking in with our 2012 champions!  Mariah Gajewski brought home the Motors Service and Supply Mini-Stock Championship last year and sets her sights on a second straight title.  Last Thursday Gajewski completed the clean sweep at State Park Speedway, winning the feature, her heat race and getting fast time.  She is the current point leader as we head to race number three on Thursday, June 6th.

Q. With two races under your belt, how do you think the mini stock class is going to shape up this year?

A: I hope the mini stock class continues to grow, we usually get a fun mix of cars but people including myself need to think and drive smart. Any moment could go wrong and that's something we all need to keep in mind. The mini stock class is a new class at State Park so we never know who or how many will show up. The more cars, the more of a challenge I get. The more of a challenge, the more I learn. The more I learn, the better driver I become.

Q: What will it take to win a second straight championship?

A: I wish I could answer that, and I hope I will be able to at the end of the season. I am coming into this season giving another championship my best shot. My first championship took a heavy and immeasurable amount of determination, listening and learning, and not giving ground to people who wanted to see me give up. Championships not only mean driving hard, but being consistent, and consistency relies on a lot of different factors on and off the track.

Q: Any changes or anything you are doing differently this year?

A: I am in a "living and learning" stage in my life, we are making small changes to the car by each practice session, to see how I react and see what I can come off of the track knowing more about. For the most part, the biggest changes we've made on the car (since last season) have been putting in more roll cage, it completely changed the "feel" of the car.
I want to learn more, so I can be a better driver. I want to be a better driver so I can increase the safety of others at the race track and for myself. I also want to inspire others, my one wish is that other girls, and youngsters, not to fall into the trap/stereotype that "girls shouldn't race," I want to show them that no matter your age or gender, we can.

Q: What did you learn last year that you will carry in to this year?

A: Patience is virtue. Any second combined with any move can go wrong, can be devastating for anyone. Racing is all about strategy, it doesn't matter if it is a four cylinder or a super late, local racing or NASCAR racing, it is all about strategy.


Budweiser/Fabiano Brothers Limited Late Models
Marathon Parts City Pure Stocks
Snap-On Mini-Mods
Motors Service and Supply Mini-Stocks
Kreager Insurance Bandoleros


3:00pm - Pit Gates Open
4:30pm - Fan Gates Open/Practice Starts
6:30pm - Fred Mueller Qualifying
7:30pm - Racing Begins
Ticket Prices:
Adult (13 and up) - $11
Kids (6-12) - $5
5 and under - FREE