Q: How did you get interested/started in racing?

Gajewski: Racing has always been in the dad raced, my uncle raced, even my aunt raced. I have been coming to State Park since I was three, I remember waving my flag at the fence yelling “GO JERMEYYY (Lepak)!!!” Until the first year the track was open after the Wimmer family took it over, I had no idea how young you could or couldn't be to get behind the wheel of a stock car. One race day I seen a little girl walking around in a race suit (Natalie Decker)... from that moment on, there was nothing that was going to separate my lead foot and the floor boards!

Q: What did it feel like the first time you pulled in to Victory Lane?

Gajewski: I remember pulling into victory lane for the first time, I was 15 years old and couldn't believe I beat the boys to the finish line! I felt so overwhelmed with happiness... I felt like I'd just conquered the world! 

Q: Why the #16?

Gajewski: When I started choosing, I wanted to have something to do with my dad's old number which happened to be “6.” So I narrowed it down to “6” “06” or “16.” At the time I chose my number, M.G. was driving the Wisz Super Late, so that became a reason behind the number “1.” When I chose my number I was fifteen years old, so “16” just fit.

Q: You seem to always be around and able to compete for the win at the end of a race, what's your secret?

Gajewski: Sorry, I don't tell secrets! But I've definitely been exercising my patience and making the right decisions at the right time. Every racer goes out there hoping to lead the race every lap and win, but it is important to not forget that you don't have to lead every lap, you just have to get there by the end. Just realizing that you can't win the race in one lap, helps a lot. 

It's not always about winning... it's about being there at the end of the race, finishing strong, and coming off the track knowing I fought my best. I don't go out on that track with any expectation of winning, every time I go out there I go out with only hope and a whole lot of determination.

Q: What sort of future do you hope to have in racing?

Gajewski: My ultimate dream is Indy Car... but since I don't have the billions to get myself there... my more realistic dream these days is a pure stock. 

Q: What is the biggest challenge of being a girl race car driver?

Gajewski: People underestimating what I am capable of. Just because of my age and the fact I am a female, people act like I don't have too much to offer. But since my first feature win, people have really opened up to me. I am out there to prove that you don't have to be a man to be in victory lane, and that makes being in victory lane all the more meaningful.

Q: What is something your fans would be surprised to learn about you?

Gajewski: The 2012 prom was my junior prom, and before I could go get my hair done that morning... I had to go to Merrill to get my new racing many 16 year old girls have to do that before prom!?

Q: What's your favorite thing to do when you're not at the track?

Gajewski: Dance!! This is my 14th year being a dancer and it's also going to be my first year teaching dance. 

Q: Favorite Food?

Gajewski: Rice with shrimp

Q: Favorite TV show?

Gajewski: Ellen!!!!

Q: One thing you can't live without?

Gajewsi: My dad... he puts me through a lot, and he gets me through a lot. There is no way I would be racing if it weren't for all the efforts and knowledge he's brought into it.

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5 and under - FREE

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