Wausau, WI – A week after MG Gajewski picked up a win and point lead, Mark Mackesy had an answer, winning his second race of the year and putting himself back atop the point standings.  In the closest point race to date, Mackesy and Gajewski will have two more weeks to settle the score. 

 The 22 of MG Gajewski took the lead off position with a strong race start. The 12 of Mark Mackesy shot out past the 04 of Natalie Decker for the second position causing Decker to lay in wait for her shot in the third spot. With a hard battle for the lead Mackesy pushes past Gajewski for the lead and builds on it. Moving his way up the pack the 05 of Cole Yach gets a strong run to catch the 07 of Burton Brown and 23 of Ryan Hinner running in the fourth and fifth spots. Hinner passes Brown for fourth and quickly gets on the bumper of Decker who is looking to the inside of Gajewski for second.

Decker takes second and builds on her run, leaving Hinner to battle with Gajewski for third. Before Hinner can take the third spot from Gajewski, the caution flies with 18 laps to go. Decker has a good restart, but Mackesy’s is better and takes the lead. Yach, who started the restart in the fifth spot, was able to pass Hinner and run down Gajewski for third. A tight race for the top three ensues with Mackesy, Decker, and Yach all on each other’s bumpers. Mackesy is able to pull away with a strong lead over Decker. Yach just isn’t able to catch Decker for second. Despite having the fastest qualifying time, he has to settle for the third place finish behind Decker.