By: Brandon Aschenbrenner

Back to the traditional Thursday night we went at State Park Speedway and a special visit from the Wisconsin Challenge Series (WCS) Super Late Models highlighted a great night of racing action. European style Fred Mueller qualifying once again made its appearance and drivers and fans are slowly getting accustomed to the changes.

In the WCS Super Late Models, presented tonight by Werner Electric, Skylar Holzhausen would set the quickest time at 13.847. For the WCS races, there is a Dash, which would put the ten fastest cars into a ten lap race with a full invert and then the finishing results would set the starting positions one through ten for the feature. Ryan Hinner outpaced MG Gajewski and cruised on for the win. The other eight competitors that took time would run a ten lap qualifier race where there was not an invert and where they finished, they would start the feature behind the top ten. Jeremy Lepak would reign supreme in the qualifier passing Wyatt Brooks for the win. As mentioned, these races set the lineup for the 75 lap main event.

Hinner and Gajewski would set the pace for the 19 car feature. Hinner was able to get a strong start and he led the first laps with Casey Johnson hot on his heels. Johnson was able to make the pass within a few laps and started to run away from the field. Hinner got thrown back to fifth as Gajewski, Derek Kraus and Skylar Holzhausen battled for second. Caution would fly with 45 laps left for debris in turn four. Johnson and Gajewski again would start side by side with Johnson taking the top spot. Yellow would fly again with 38 laps remaining because of contact between Jason Weinkauf and Brooks in turn two sent Brooks around. Johnson continued to lead and pace the field well until another caution with 20 laps left involving Jason Weinkauf and Jerry Brickner. A shootout was on tap, and Johnson would again get away, but another caution slowed things down with eight laps left when Brickner and Jim Sauter Jr got together in turn four. Johnson again got a good restart and pulled away from Gajewski. Dalton Zehr made it past Gajewski before one more yellow flag would bunch the field up, this one for Jason Weinkauf and Brooks for the second time. A three lap fight to the end would pit Johnson versus Zehr and a great close side by side fight took place. Zehr was able to muscle past Johnson on the high side and hang on for the feature win. Johnson took second, Gajewski third, Chris Weinkauf fourth and Mike Lichtfeld fifth. Sixth through tenth would be Lepak, Holzhausen, Kraus, Thiel and James Wenzel respectfully.