Starting in 2017 will be the formation of UMA, Unified Motorsports Association. UMA is going to be the start of a common rulebook available to asphalt short track racing tracks. Very similar to what IMCA or UMP does on dirt. UMA has rules in place for multiple divisions including: Super Late Models, Limited Late Models, Modifieds, Sportsmans, Pure Stocks, and 4 cylinder divisions. Our goal is to have multiple tracks running common rules with common tires so competitors can travel do different tracks and series easier. We want the racer to have the confidence that if they have a UMA legal car they can go run a UMA Sanctioned track running their said division without any changes.

Our goals for the Future are to help bring the rules of all the divisions back into perspective so it will be affordable for the working man. We don’t want a Super Late Model racer feel that they need a $80,000 racecar to be competitive. Everything will be looked at to engine packages, shocks, chassis, and bolt-on parts.

We have 4 Tracks and 1 Series joining forces with UMA in 2017. The tracks include: Dells Raceway Park. Golden Sands Speedway, Marshfield Motor Speedway, and State Park Speedway. Plus the TUNDRA Super Late Model Series and Sportsmans. It just made sense for UMA to be partnered up with the TUNDRA Super Late Model Series. Their series consists of many of the racers racing at those local tracks. These tracks and series have the same goal in mind. Making weekly racing more affordable for the racer so we have better car counts for the future.

The tracks involved will not only host TUNDRA Series event in 2017 but have also re-formed the Wisconsin Challenge Series known as WCS. The WCS races will be held at each of the founding tracks being 75 lap A-Main events for the Super Late Models with a $5000 point fund covering the 4 race schedule. The first WCS event will be held at State Park Speedway on June 1st, the second will be June 24th at Dells Raceway Park, the third will be at Golden Sands Speedway on July 14th & the Championship round will be at the Marshfield Super Speedway on August 19th, 2017.

​2017 Rules

Super Late Model

Limited Late Model

Pure Stock