SPS Announces Exciting New Payout for 2017
What drivers want to make more money just for starting their event? Well, every driver of course! And that’s just what State Park Speedway is doing this year, putting more money in the pockets of all its drivers!

With the new payout system for the 2017 season, more dollars will be distributed across the board, while still rewarding the drivers that race well.

For this year, one set amount will be paid out on race night to every driver in their division. There will then be additional pay for positions one through five, which will be handed out the next time that driver comes to the track, whether that be the next race or five races later. 

So take Super Late Models for example, drivers will get $400 just to START the event and those drivers who finish in the top five will have more green waiting for them the next time they race at SPS! If you finish fifth, the next time you return you'll be guaranteed $400 start money, plus have $100 waiting there for you!

“We are really excited about this new payout system,” said Wimmer. “It rewards the drivers who race well while paying more just to start the races which is something drivers have been looking for for years. We hope the drivers get as excited about this new system as we are.”

The payout for Super Late Models will be $400 across the board and then an additional $400 to the winner, $200 to second, $150 to third, $125 to fourth and $100to fifth. Limited Late Models will receive $150 on race night with incentive pay of $150, $100, $75, $50 and $25 for first through fifth respectively. Pure Stock pay will be $75 for all cars on race night with additional pay of $75, $50, $40, $30 and $20 for positions one through five. Mini-Mods will take home $65 on race night with additional amounts of $50, $40, $30, $25 and $20 for positions one through five and Mini-Stocks will get $50 on race night and the same incentive amounts as Mini-Mods.

The base pay and incentive pay amounts will increase for specials and be announced prior to each event.